Important Inquiries That You Should Make Prior to Undergoing a Root Canal
Do you experience persistent pain and tooth sensitivity, especially when you chew and consume hot or cold beverages? Have you noticed signs of gum inflammation and redness, and severe tooth decay? Well, these are indicators of root infections. So, you will need to visit an endodontist immediately to get a root canal. This procedure triggers a lot of anxiety for potential patients because of all the horror stories, which portray root canal procedures in a negative light. You need to, therefore, be informed to avoid unnecessary panic and anxiety. This article will compile a list of essential questions that you ought to ask before getting this procedure performed on your teeth.
What Does a Root Canal Entail?
Making this inquiry will give you a rough idea of what to expect. Thus, you will not be caught unawares. Plus, you’ll get a chance to prepare adequately for the procedure. Typically, root canals are administered to treat infections that gradually eat up the roots. They involve the extraction of infected pulps, tissues, and nerves. The tooth is then sealed and cleaned after the bacteria-ridden parts are removed. By doing this, dentists help to salvage the healthy teeth by deterring the spread of the infection. Be sure to find out more details!
Will I Experience a lot of Discomfort During and After the Procedure?
Root canals are invasive procedures. They involve deep tissue, nerve, and pulp extraction and tooth sealing and cleaning. So, you are bound to experience pain during the procedure. However, you can request your dentist to administer strong sedatives to ease the discomfort.  Unfortunately, the pain doesn’t stop there. You will also experience discomfort after the procedure. It is for this reason that you should stick to soft foods and warm drinks until you recover fully. Also, your dentist will administer some pain management meds. The results of root canals are worth the pain. With this said, don’t let the fear of pain deter you from undergoing this procedure. Be sure to click here for more details!
What Is the Average Recovery Duration?
The recovery duration differs from one patient to another. However, on average, it might take you at least three to four weeks to recover fully. The duration you take will depend on your adherence to your dentist’s instructions. Don’t violate the after-care instructions your dentist gives. Stick to them to a tee. This way, your recovery will not take too long. In addition, don’t forget to find out what caused your infection. Asking this will help to avoid repeat infections. Read more about dentist from this website at http://www.ehow.com/health/dental-health/orthodontics/.